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Jennifer is a
Her unique approach to coaching offers a holistic perspective. Her education (2 masters degrees in Counseling) and experience (a decade of coaching people for better lives) allow her to create an environment where you become more centered and grounded, able to stand in choice, make qualified judgments, and begin to live your most connected life.
Jennifer works with people who desire to change and want to be enveloped by a partnership where there is encouragement, groundedness and confidence. This type of coaching relationship is a safe place to grow, and forms a spring board to safely take risks.
  • Clients are moved to take action based on their own personal values
  • Clients feel cared for and simultaneously held ... are held accountable
  • Clients move forward in their thinking, creating a more fulfilling life
  • Clients take ownership of their life, developing boundaries that empower them to focus on their priorities.
Clients often come to coaching feeling “out of balance.” They may be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually drained. They seek additional courage and confidence and greater balance.
As Jennifer’s client, you will be a person living in integrity, in deeper connection with others, and engaged in meaningful relationships.

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